Yuri's Night 50th




Yuri’s Night Exhibition Launch – 7pm, Tuesday 12th April 2011

Gagarin50 launches with a special Yuri’s Night celebration. As well as the chance to see the exhibition, meet the artists and celebrate with a glass of vodka (if you’re old enough) there will be a special screening of Chris Riley’s amazing new film First Orbit in HD on the big screen in Waterside’s Robert Bolt Theatre.

Click here for more information about Yuri’s Night, and remember to check back soon for more information about the event and how you can take part.

To reserve your free place, call 0161 912 5616.


Gagarin & The Space Race – 6.30pm, Monday 23rd May 2011

When Yuri Gagarin made the first human space flight in April 1961, he kicked off a technological race between the super-powers which accelerated civilisation by decades. In a talk which also presents a behind the scene look at the making of his film First Orbit documentary film maker Chris Riley explores the legacy of 1961 and mankind’s first forays into space and to the Moon.

Chris Riley is a writer, broadcaster and film-maker and has worked on Blue Peter, The Sky at Night and Tomorrow’s World. More recently, he produced and directed the award-winning In the Shadow of the Moon. His film First Orbit, features in the Gagarin50 exhibition and uses footage from the International Space Station to map exactly the path Gagarin took in the Vostok craft in April 1961. For more on Chris’ work, see

To reserve your free place, call 0161 912 5616.


Gagarin in Manchester – 1.30pm, Saturday 28th May 2011

Astronomer Gurbir Singh of AstroTalk UK gives the inside story of how the world’s first spacemen, Major Yuri Gagarin, visited Manchester and London just three months after he made his historic flight in April 1961. Join Gurbir for this enlightening talk that reveals how Manchester gave a celebrity welcome to a Soviet spaceman at the height of the Cold War.

To reserve your free place, call 0161 912 5616.

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