Gagarin50 is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Waterside Arts Centre and Trafford Council, with assistance from Ralph Gibson at RIA Novosti Photo Library. Additional materials are provided by the North West Film Archive, the Working Class Movement Library and the Museum of Science & Industry.

Help and support comes from Gurbir Singh of AstroTalkUK; Vix Southgate, Anita Heward and Chris Welch of YuriGagarin50; Chris Riley, Nick Forder of Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester; Rohan Gausden, Professor Jim Aulich and Professor Ian Morison.

The artists commissioned to develop new work for the exhibition are Walter Kershaw and BlackLab.

Press Enquiries

Natalie Persoglio – natalie@freelancemedia.co.uk


Gagarin50 is conceived and directed by Richard Evans.

Website & Extra Materials

Gagarin image on home page © Walter Kershaw.

Flyer, poster and brochure design © Natalie Persoglio. Print by Sketch360.

Vostok on First Cosmonaut, Gagarin on Yuri Gagarin  page © RIA Novosti.


All photography © RIA Novosti.

Soviet memorabilia supplied by Rohan Gausden.

Vostok spacecraft models supplied by Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester and Kirsty Obbard.

Soviet flag supplied by Working Class Movement Library, Manchester.

Gagarin in Manchester footage supplied by North West Film Archive.

Gagarin in London footage supplied by British Pathe.

Witness interviews by Gurbir Singh.

Thanks to the Marta Sylvestrova & Marek Lahoda, Brno, Czech Republic.

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